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You are now on a secure page.  The book is $20.00.  I'm charging $5.00 for UPS ground. (Actually it costs me twice that.)  If you live in California, sales tax is 7.75% which is $1.55 for 1 book.  You can order on Amazon.com, or here by PayPal, your credit card, or mail a check.

If you like
order here.
1 book
UPS $5.
2 books
$18. ea
UPS $7.
3 books
$16. ea
UPS $9.
4 books
$15. ea
UPS $10.
outside California
inside California

Aw fuck it.  If you want the book, send me the postage, and I'll give it to you free.   Cary Cook
  14682 Carfax Dr. #D
  Tustin, CA 92780
FREE SHIPPING to Islamic terrorists living in the US!